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XIX century

January 18, 1801 - Annexation of Kartly-Kakhetin Kingdom to Russia.
March 11, 1801 - The Palace Revolution. Assassination of the Emperor Pavel I.
1801-1825 - The reign of the Emperor Alexander I.
June 13(25)-28(July 9), 1807 - Meeting between Alexander I and Napoleon in Tilsit. Signing the peace treaty with France in Tilsit: recognizing all Napoleon's winnings by Russia, liability to join to the Continental blockade of the Great Britain.
1808 - Assigning M.M.Speransky the Head of Commission on drawing up the laws.
1808 - Founding Siberia Cossacks Host.
1808-1809 - The Russia-Sweden war. Annexation (according to Friedrichgum peace treaty, signed in September 1809) of Finland to Russia.
March 1809 - Calling Borgoss diet of the representatives of Finnish estates by Alexander I. Introduction of the Grand Principality of Finland remaining the part of the Russian Empire.1
809 - The project of reforms by M.M.Speransky, which provided for gradual transiting to constitutional monarchy.
1809 - Prohibition for land-owners to exile their serfs to Siberia (acted till 1822)
January 1, 1810 - Establishing the Government Council (with consultative functions).
1810 - The beginning of founding military settlements.
1810 - Annexation of Abkhazia.
October 19, 1811 - Opening the Tsarskoselsky lyceum.
March 1812 - Retirement and exile (till 1816) of Speransky.
May 16(28) 1812 - Bucharest peace treaty between Russia and Turkey. Annexation of Bessarabia to Russia.
June 12, 1812 - Invasion of Napoleon's 'Great Army ' into Russian. The beginning of the Patriotic War of Russian people.
August 4-5, 1812 - The battle of Smolensk. Merging the Armies of M.B.Barklai-de-Tolli and P.I.Bagrateon.
August 8, 1812 - Assigning M.I.Kutuzov the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army.
August 26, 1812 - The battle of Borodino.
September 1, 1812 - Council of War in Fili (near Moscow). Making the decision to surrender Moscow.
September 2, 1812 - The Napoleon's Army 's coming into Moscow. The beginning of the Moscow fire.
September-October, 1812 - Cutusov's maneuver near Tarutin.
October 2, 1812 - Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.
October 6, 1812 - Russian win in the battle with the corps of I. Murat near Tartutin.
October 12, 1812 - The battle near Maloyaroslavets.
November 14-16, 1812 - Destroying the remains of the Napoleon's 'Great Army' when crossing the river Berezina.
June 1815 - Signing the final documents of the Vena Congress. The Duchy of Warsaw was divided between Russia, Austria and Prussia.
September 14(26), 1815 - Act about creating the Holy Alliance, signed by Alexander I, the Austrian Emperor Franz I and the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III (later almost all the European monarchies joined the Alliance).
November 8(20), 1815 - The second Paris peace treaty, providing for the 5-year occupation of France by the forces of the countries-members of the Alliance (stopped ahead of schedule in 1818).
November 27, 1815 - Giving the Constitution to the Poland kingdom by Alexander I.
February 1816 - Foundation of the 'Alliance of Resque' - the first secret 'Decembrists' organization.
1819-1821 - The expedition of F.F.Bellinsgausen and M.P.Lasarev. Discovering Antarctic.
1820 - Disturbances in Semenovsky regiment.1821 - Appearance of the secret Northern and Southern societies.
1823 - Appearance of the secret Society of United Slavs.
1824 - Canceling the limitations of Peasant trade.
1825-1855 - The reign of Nikolai I.
December 14, 1825 - The rise in St.Petersburg, prepared by the members of the Northern society.
October 1853 - March 1856 - The Crimean (Eastern) war.
November 18, 1853 - The Russian Navy under the command of P.S. Nakhimov defeated the Turkish Navy in Sinop bay.
December 1853 - The Great Britain and France joining de facto the Crimean war. On December 23 the British-French Navy entered the Black Sea.
1860 - Establishing the State Bank.
1860 - Foundation of Vladivostok.
November 2(14), 1860 - Peking treaty between Russia and China. Russia being assigned Ussury district. Opening Peking, Urga, Canton, Kashagar for Russian merchants.
February 19, 1861 - Manifesto about Liberation of peasants from serfdom.
1872 - The strike at Krengolmsk manufacture.
June 1872 - Establishing the 'Special Office of Governing Senate' for judging crimes against the state.
May 25, 1873 - Shonbrunn treaty between the Emperors of Russia and Austro-Hungary about concerted actions in case of an attack on one of the countries.
August 1875 - The agreement with Hiva. Establishing protectorate over Hiva Khanate by Russia.
October 11, 1873 - The German Emperor joining the Shonbrunn treaty from May 25, 1873. The determinate formation of the 'Alliance of the three Emperors'.
1873-1875 - 'Going to people'.
April 25, 1875 - St. Petersburg agreement with Japan about transiting Sakhalin island in exchange for 18 Curily islands, assigned to Japan.
February 1876 - Annexation of Kokand Khanate to the Russian Empire.
December 6, 1876 - Student Demonstration near Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg ('Kazan Demonstration')
1876 - Uniting the secret circles of narodnik movement, which in 1878 took the name of 'Land and Liberty'.
January 3(15), 1877 - Budapest convention (secret) of Russia and Austro-Hungary on the Austrian neutrality in case of Russia-Turkey war.
1877-1878 - The Russia-Turkey war.
July 19, 1877 - Taking Shipkinsky Pass by Russians.
1877 - 'Chigirinsky plot' - unsuccessful attempt of narodniks to raise the peasants rise in Chigirinsky district in Kiev gubernia.
November 6, 1877 - Taking the Turkish fortress Kars by the Russian forces.
July-November, 1877 - The siege and taking the fortress Plevna.
December 27-28, 1877 - The win of the Russian forces under the command of M.D. Skobelev and N.I. Svyatopolk-Mirsky in the battle of Shipka-Sheinovo.
1877-78 - 'The Case of 193'(of the participants of 'Going to people').
January 8, 1878 - Taking Adrianople by the Russian forces.
February 19(March 3), 1878 - Signing the peace treaty with Turkey in San-Stephano.
March-April, 1878 - The case of V. Zasulich, who made an attempt upon the life of Petersburg governor F.F.Trepov. Bringing in the verdict of 'not guilty'.
June 1(13)-July 1(13), 1878 - Berlin Congress, called to revise the conditions of San-Stephano peace treaty from 1878.
August 4, 1878 - Assassinating the chief of gendarmes General N.V.Mezentsev by S.M.Kravchinsky. Transmitting the cases about crimes against the state to the military courts.
1878-80 - Activity of the Northern Alliance of Russian workers.
April 2, 1879 - The attempt upon the life of the Emperor Alexander II by A.K.Soloviev in St.Petersburg.
1882 - Abolishing the tax poll in the European Russia (since 1899 - in Siberia).
August 27, 1882 - Approving the new 'Temporary rules of publishing'.
June 6-17, 1899 - The Hague peace Conference. On the initiative of Russia Conventions on the peaceful solving international conflicts, laws and rules of conducting a land war were approved.
1899-1903 - Industrial crisis.


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