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XVIII century

January 1, 1700 - Introducing the new chronology (Julian Calendar).
July 13, 1700 - Constantinople peace treaty with Turkey.
1700-1721 - The Northern war of Russia with Sweden.
1700 - Death of Patriarch Adrian. Assigning metropolitan Stephan Yavorsky acting Patriarch.
1701 - Opening the School of Mathematic and Navigation Sciences in Moscow.
October 1702 - The siege and taking by storm the fortress Noteburg (Oreshek) by the Russian forces.
January 2, 1703 - Issuing the first Russian newspaper 'Vedomosty'.
April 1703 - Taking the fortress Nienshanz near the mouth of the Neva by the Russian forces under the command of B.P.Sheremetiev.
May 16, 1703 - Founding St.Petersburg.
1703 - Publishing the teaching book 'Arithmetic' by L.F.Magnitsky.
Summer, 1704 - The siege and taking the fortresses Derpt and Narva by the Russian forces.
March 1712 - Marriage of Peter I and Martha Skavronska (after baptizing - Catherine Alekseyevna).
1713 - The Russian forces offensive in Finland. Taking Helsingfors and Abo.
1714 - The Decree of Peter I about primogeniture.
July 17, 1714 - The Gangut sea battle. The win of Russian Fleet.
March 1716 - Approving 'Military regulations'.
September 1716 - The tsarevich Aleksey's flight abroad.
1717 - The trip to France of Peter I.
January 1718 - Return of the tsarevich Aleksey (on Peter's demand). Manifesto about depriving the tsarevich Aleksey of the right of inheritance.
June 1718 - Death of the tsarevich Aleksey after sentencing him to death on a charge of organizing the plot.
1718-1721 - Liquidation of Departments, establishing Collegiums.
1718-1731 - Building the Ladoga Channel.
1719 - Administrative Reform. Dividing the gubernies (districts) into provinces. 'General regulations' of Peter I (regulations of civil service).
July 28 1720 - The win of the Russian Navy over the Swedish squadron near the island Grengam.
1720-1737 - Composing 'The history of Russia from the ancient times' by V.N.Tatishev.
August 30, 1721 - Signing the peace treaty by Russia and Sweden in Nishtadt. Finishing the Northern War. Russia received Livland, Estland, Ingermanland, a part of Karelia with Vyborg and a part of Southern Finland.
October 11, 1721 - Declaring Peter I the Emperor.
1721 - Establishing the government Post Service.
1721 - The beginning of building the fortress Ekatherinburg.
1721 - Establishing the Holy Synod (instead of Patriarchate).
January 28, 1725 - Death of Peter I. Struggle for power between the court groups led by A.D. Menshikov and Dolgoruky. Elevating Catherine I to the throne by Menshikov's group.
1725-1727 - The reign of the Empress Catherine I.
1735-1739 - The Russia-Turkey war.
1736 - Decrees about attaching craftsmen to manufactures, about prohibition for fabric-owners to buy settlings with land, about forcible labour of tramps and beggars.
1736 - Building the fortress Kislyar in Northern Caucasus.
September 18, 1739 - Signing the peace treaty with Turkey in Belgrade. Taking back Asov and Zaporozhie.
October 17, 1740 - Death of Anna Ivanovna. Enthroning Ivan VI Antonovich (born on August 2, 1740), the son of Anna Leopoldovna (the grand-daughter of the Tsar Ivan V), and Anton-Ulrich, the Duke of Braunschweig; declaring Biron the regent.
November 8, 1740 - Overthrowing Biron. Declaring Anna Leopoldovna the regent.
1741-1743 - The Russia-Sweden war.
May 29, 1762 - The Alliance with Prussia.
June 29, 1762 - The Palace Revolution. Overthrowing the Emperor Peter III and enthroning his wife Catherine Alekseyevna (nee Sophia Fredericka of Angald-Zerbst).
1762-1796 - The reign of the Empress Catherine II.
July 6, 1762 - Assassination of Peter III.
February 1764 - Secularization of the Church and Monastic lands.
July 1764 - The attempt of lieutenant V.Ya. Mirovich to coup de tat in order to elevate Ivan Antonovich to the throne. Assassination of Ivan VI. Executing (September) Mirovich.
October 1764 - Electing to the Poland throne Catherine's II protégé the Count Stanislav Ponyatovsky.
1764 - The definitive abolition of the Hetman institution in Ukraine.
December 1764 - The beginning of the education reforms on the project by I.I. Betsky.
January 1765 - The Decree about the landowners' right to exile serfs to Siberia.
October 1765 - Establishing the Volyn Economic Company.
1766 - The trade agreement with England.
1767-1768 - Activity of Commission about the Code, created for the laws codification.
1767 - Publication of Catherine's II 'Instruction' for Commission on drawing up the new Code.
1768-1774 - The Russian-Turkey war.
1773-1775 - The rise of peasants and Cossacks under the leadership of Ye.I. Pugachev.
October 1773 - March 1774 - The siege laid by Pugachev's host to the fortress Orenburg.
November 1773 - The defeat of the government forces in the battle with Pugachev's host near Orenburg.
July 10(21), 1774 - Signing the peace treaty with Turkey in Kyuchuk-Kainargy
July 1774 - The storm and taking Kazan by Pugachev, his defeat in the battle near Kazan.
August 1774 - Definitive defeat of Pugachev near Tsaritsin.
January 10, 1775 - Pugachev's execution in Moscow.
1775 - Publishing the 'Instruction for governing the districts of Russian Empire'. Dividing the country into 51 districts.
1787-1791 - The Russia-Turkey war.
1788-1790 -The Russian-Sweden war.
July 6, 1788 - The win of Russian Navy over Swedish Navy near Gogland.
September-October, 1788 - The expedition of the squadron under the command D.N.Senyavin and his win over the Turkey Navy near Synop.
September 18, 1788 - Taking the fortress Khotin by the forces of Russia and Austria under the command of I.P.Saltykov and Prince of Koburg.
December 6, 1788 - Taking Turkish fortress Ochakov by the Russian forces under the leadership of G.A. Potemkin.
July 21, 1789 - The win of Russian and Austrian forces under the leadership of A.B.Suvorov and the Prince of Koburg near Focsani.
September 11, 1789 - The win of Russian forces under the leadership of A.V.Suvorov near Rymnik.
September 28, 1789 - Capitulation of Akkerman.
March 1790 - The row of defeats of the Russian forces in Finland.
November 6, 1796 - Death of the Empress Catherine II.
1799 - Foundation of Russian-American Company.


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