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Fiancee Visa
Premium Package

  1. Preparation and assembly of the I-129F Petition. Once we receive all the documents and information from you, we will prepare the I-129F Petition. We will not submit an I-129F Petition until we are absolutely confident that it is complete and there are no problems that may cause a delay. Once we are confident that the petition is ready for submission we will Express Mail it to you for your final signature. You will sign it as indicated by our instructions and place the petition in the enclosed self-addresses Express envelope back to our office so that we may check it one last time and file it with the appropriate Service Center.
  2. Contact with your Fiancee. Before submitting the I-129F Petition, we will make sure that your Fiancee is aware of every step of the process. Our office will communicate with your Fiancee throughout the whole process by phone, fax or e-mail.
  3. Follow up once the Petition has been submitted.
    We will continue to monitor your petition until approval while your case is in the United States Service Center. We will keep you apprised of the progress as the petition advances. If the petition is not approved in a reasonable amount of time for the specific service center we will make inquires on your behalf as to the status of the petition.
  4. Embassy's packet for Fiancee. The Embassy will mail your Fiancee a packet including certain forms that must be completed by the Fiancee. Our office will complete the forms for the Fiancee and mail them to your Fiancee prior to her receiving them from the Embassy.
  5. Embassy Communication. If necessary, our office will contact the U.S. Embassy located in the home country of your Fiancee.
  6. Preparation for the Embassy interview. One of our staff will also meet personally with the Fiancee and go over her paperwork and discuss what will take place at the interview one final time. We will also assist her with the logistics of arranging the medical examination and getting to the embassy for the interview. ( Personal meetings and assistance available in Russia, Ukraine and Colombia, in all other countries we will facilitate the fiancee by tele-conferencing.
  7. Translations. Translation services of all necessary documents for the I-129F package are included in the price of the package.
  8. The Client's Responsibility. Client must fully cooperate with our office and provide all relevant information and necessary documents for the Fiancee visas process. Our Attorney may withdraw from your representation if you do not cooperate with our office and/or are planning to commit fraud or other crimes. In this case, the Fee shall not be refundable.
  9. Costs & Expenses. You shall not be responsible for additional fees, such as: mailing fees, copying fees, communication fees (e-mail, phone, fax) incurred by the attorney when filing your visa. Client is required to provide our office with all documentation necessary. However, you shall be responsible for the U.S. Embassy fees, medical exam fees, transportation fees for your Fiancee and any others fee in connection with an Embassy interview.
  10. Confidentiality. All information received from you, your Fiancee or your representative on your behalf in writing or orally is confidential and shall be used only by our office for the purpose of the completion of the Fiancee visa process.
  11. Refunds. Client is entitled to a 50 percent refund in the event that client cancels the process BEFORE the case is filed. Client understands that once the petition is filed that the fee is non-refundable.
  12. Signature. Client acknowledges by his/her signature that he/she has read and agreed to the provisions of this Agreement. Client also acknowledges that he/she has had the opportunity to have any questions answered and this Agreement fully explained to Client's satisfaction. Client also acknowledges that he/she has been given a copy of this Agreement.
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