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Russian Rulers


862-879 Rurik, (Hrorekr)
semilegendary ruler of Novgorod
879-913 Oleg (Helgi), first ruler of Kiev
913-945 Igor (Ingvar)
945-964 Olga (Helga), widow of Igor
945-972 Sviatoslav I
973-980 Yaropolk I
980-1015 Vladimir (the Saint), brother of Yaropolk, baptized 989
1015-1019 Sviatopolk I
1019-1054 Yaroslav I (the Wise), brother of Sviatopolk
1054-1073 Izyaslav I, son of Yaroslav
1073-1076 Sviatoslav II, son of Yaroslav
1077-1078 Yziaslav I (again), son of Yaroslav
1078-1093 Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav
1093-1113 Svyatopolk II, son of Izyaslav I
1113-1125 Vladimir II Monomakh, son of Vsevolod I
1125-1139 Mstislav I
1132-1139 Yaropolk II, younger brothers of Mstislavav I
1139-1146 Vyacheslav, younger brothers of Mstislavav I
1146-1154 Izyaslav II, son of Mstislav I
1154-1167 Rostislav , son of Mstislav I
1149-1157 Yuri Dolgoruky, younger brother of Mstislav I (founder of Moscow 1156)
1157-1174 Andrei Bogolyubsky titular grand prince of Kiev, ruled from Vladimir
1176-1212 Vsevolod III (Big Nest). Son of Yury Dolgoruky, ruled at Vladimir-Suzdal
1212-1238 Yuri II Mongol-Tartar Yoke, 1240-1480
1238-1246 Yaroslav II, brother of Yuri II
1247-1248 Sviatoslav III, brother of Yuri II
1249-1252 Andrei II, son of Yaroslav II; prince of Vladimir
1252-1263 Alexander Nevsky, son of Yaroslav II
prince of Novgorod, subsequently Vladimir
1263-1271 Yaroslav III, son of Yaroslav; prince Of Tver
1263-1303 Daniil, youngest son of Alexander Nevsky. Grand Princes of Moscow
First prince of Moscow and of Pereyaslav.
1303-1325 Yury III, grand prince of Moscow 1325-1341 Ivan I Money-Bags (Kalita). Brother of Yuri III
"Grand prince of Vladimir and All Russia". Resident in Moscow
1341-1353 Simeon (the Proud)
1353-1359 Ivan II (the Meek), brother of Simeon
1359-1389 Dmitrii Ivanovich
1389-1425 Vasily I
1425-1461 Vasiliy II (the Dark)
1462-1505 Ivan III (the Great)
1505-1533 Vasiliy III
1533-1538 Helena Blinski, widow of Vasiliy II. Mother of Ivan IV
1533-1584 Ivan IV Vasilievich (the Terrible) Tsar, 1547
1584-1598 Fyodor I. Last of Ryurikid dynasty
1598-1605 Boris Godunov "Lord Protector" Time of Troubles
1605 Fyodor II, son of Boris Godunov
1605-1606 False Dmitriy I
1606-1610 Vasiliy IV
1610-1613 Wladyslav, son of king of Poland (not crowned)
1613-1645 Mihail Fedorovich Romanov, elected Tsar Romanov dynasty
1645-1676 Alexis (Aleksey Mikhaylovich)
1676-1682 Theodore III (Feodor Alexeevich)
1682-1689 (Sophia, regent)
1689-1696 Ivan V (Alexeevich) Senior co-tsar with Peter I
1689-1696 (Natalya Naryshkina). Aleksye's second wife and widow
1682-1725 Peter I (the Great, (Alexeevich)). Emperor, 1721
1725-1727 Catherine I. Widow of Peter I
1727-1730 Peter II (Alexeevich)
1730-1740 Anna (lvanovna)
1740-1741 Anna Leopoldovna. Niece of Anna; mother of Ivan VI
1741-1762 Elizabeth (Elizaveta Petrovna)
1762 Peter III, Elizabeth's nephew, killed after revolt led by Catherine II
1762-1796 Catherine II (the Great). Widow of Peter III
1796-1801 Paul I, son of Peter III and Catherine II, murdered
1801-1825 Alexander I (Pavlovich), may have faked death and entered monastery
1825-1855 Nicholas I (Pavlovich), brother of Alexander I
1855-1881 Alexander II (Nikolaevich, Tsar Emancipator), assassinated by bomb
1881-1894 Alexander III (Alexandrovich, Tsar Peacemaker)
1894-1917 Nicholas II (Alexandrovich)
Constitutional monarch from 1906, abdicated 1917
murdered with wife and five children by Bolsheviks in 1918
1917 (Feb-July) Prince Georgiy Lvov, prime minister of provisional government
1917 (July-Oct) Alexander Kerensky, prime minister of provisional government
1917-1924 Lenin (Vladimirs Ilyich Ulyanov), chairman of the council
of people's commissars
1924-1953 Joseph Stalin (Iosif Visarionovich Zhugashvili).
Secretary-general of the central committee of the
Communist Party from 1922.
Effective sole power from 1928
from 1940 official head of government
1953-1955 Georgiy Malenkov.
Unofficial head of collective leadership after Stalin
1955-1964 Nikita Khrushchev. First secretary of the central committee
1955-1958 Nikolai Bulganin, official head of state
1964-1982 Leonid Brezhnev. First secretary of CPSU
1982-1984 Yury Andropov. First secretary of CPSU
1984-1985 Konstantin Chernenko. First secretary of CPSU
1985-1991 Mikhail Gorbachov. First secretary of CPSU
1991-2000 Boris Yeltsin elected President of Russia Soviet Union ceases
2000- Vladimir Putin. Second elected President of Russia

Blazhenny F.I.
Vasily I
Vasily II
Vasily III
Alexander I
Alexander II
Alexander III
Alexander Nevsky
Andrey Yaroslavich
Andrey Yurievich Bogolyubsky
Andropov Y.V.
Anna Ioannovna
Anna Leopoldovna
Badayev A. Ye.
Brezhnev L. I.
Burbulis G. E.
Chernenko K. U.
Empress Catherine II "the Great"
Gaidar Ye. T.
Gorbachev M. S.
Ignatov N. G.
Ivan IV "the Terrible"
Kamenev L. V.
Khrushchov N.S.
Kosygin A. N.
Lenin V.I.
Lobov O. I.
Nikolai I
Nikolai II
Paul I
Primakov Ye. M.
Rutskoy A. V.
Rykov A. I.
Shvernik N. M.
Stalin I. V.
Stepashin S. V.
Sulimov D. Ye.
Syrtsov S. V.
Yeltsin B. N.

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